QuInsight and Spectre News

December 2021: Recycled Materials!!! Since early this year QuInsight has been made with 100% recycled PETG sourced in the USA. This announcement is a little late, but we wanted to make sure the material was of good quality. And it is! Very happy to be converting those soda bottles into durable goods. We have noticed that there are some color differences, but if you don’t mind a black that looks a little like Deep Purple in the sunlight then you’ll love this. At present the recycled material comes in both True Black and this purplish tint. If you really have to have a particular shade you can request it, but we’re confident that it doesn’t matter when it matters: At night. No matter the color, the QuInsight is a high-performer that is guaranteed to satisfy.

May 3, 2021: Working on some significant improvements to QuInsight! If you have one on order it will include these improvements, so don’t worry, you won’t miss out. Specifically, the optics module is going to be much more stable in the new design, while moving more smoothly during adjustment. I’m also adding vias for wiring dew heaters with up to 22 gauge wire (2mm holes through optics head.) See image below, there are 4 vias at the bases of the combiner arms next to the lens. Beta testers are readying their 1Watt resistors (details and results pending.) If it works, I’ll make a kit available or integrate for you. Stay tuned!